HubSpot has offered helpful commerce products for quite some time now including HubSpot payments, payment links, quotes, automated billing, and the product library, but with the addition of a few new tools, HubSpot has decided to put all of their commerce tools under a new hub called “Commerce Hub.” It is absolutely insane that we are getting a whole new hub and we can’t wait to see what’s added in the future. But for now, let’s focus on two new tools that are already here!

Stripe Payment Handling

With Commerce Hub, you can effortlessly process payments directly within the HubSpot CRM using your existing Stripe account. This feature enables you to take full advantage of Commerce Hub’s capabilities without the need to change your current payment processor if you’re already a Stripe user. This feature is available across all licenses (HubSpot Free included) and is in a public beta right now.

Invoice Creation

Merchants using HubSpot Payments now have the ability to generate native invoices. These invoices can be initiated from various modules like Contacts, Companies, Deals, or Quotes, and will automatically include relevant information. This streamlines the sales workflow and minimizes the chance of errors. Payments for these invoices can be made through both HubSpot Payments (supporting ACH and Credit Cards) and Stripe.

Additionally, you have the option to manually mark an invoice as paid if the payment is received through alternative methods such as wire transfers, checks, or PayPal.

This integrated billing feature allows you to manage customer invoicing, oversee collections, and automate the billing process, all within your CRM platform. This feature is available across all licenses and is already live!


While we’re familiar with most of the Commerce Hub tools already, HubSpot’s decision to add a new hub shouldn’t be taken lightly. This likely shows intent to create more Commerce tools which means we users are one step closer to running our businesses from a single software. And I for one, cannot wait for the day when I no longer have to jump around from software to software.