webTRAIN just underwent a big update. Although it’s a massive upgrade, nothing has visibly changed for you. Let me tell you what the big deal is.

webTRAIN runs on Microsoft’s .NET Framework. For the last couple of years, it has been running on .NET version 3.5. In August, .NET 4.5 was released, and it included a lot of great features that we wanted to take advantage of. We’ve been working since then to upgrade our servers, update the webTRAIN project, and do a lot of testing to make sure no strange things happened.

We started rolling out the new updates on April 3rd, and have now updated all websites to run on .NET 4.5. Though we did a lot of extensive testing, if you see something strange, please let us know through the support system or Get Satisfaction. We really appreciate the help.

This move to the new framework will keep webTRAIN fresh and is part of our continued effort to support and improve our favorite digital marketing platform.