Map out better results with a Digital Growth Plan

Before you rethink, redesign, and rebuild your website, you need to have a plan. Specifically, you need a Digital Growth Plan from MINDSCAPE to guide the development of your website and the direction of your digital marketing efforts following its launch.

What is the MINDSCAPE Digital Growth Plan?

 The Digital Growth Plan provides direction and purpose to a website and the digital marketing efforts that follow. You can think of it as a guide or a roadmap: it uses where you’ve been to map out where you want to go, and the optimal route to get there. It’s a thorough evaluation of your site and marketing, from a company that has built thousands of websites, and generated millions in profits for our clients.


Why your organization needs
the Digital Growth Plan.

If you’re going to remodel your house, you don’t start with a hammer and saw. It’s important that your new website and your digital marketing efforts are focused on your business processes and your business goals. Whether you’re looking for more leads or more sales, a Digital Growth Plan clearly maps out what’s working (and not working), who your best prospects are, and then provides concrete direction on how best to attract and convert them.    

Components of the MINDSCAPE Digital Growth Plan

Goals and KPIs

We work your company’s leadership to map out how your website and digital marketing will contribute to your business goals, identify the metrics that matter most to your business, and define targets for measurable growth  

Quantitative Review

An essential component of the Digital Growth Plan, we take a deep dive through your historical performance data to understand who comes to your site, how they get there, and what they do once they arrive. 

Qualitative Review

Few agencies have as much experience and expertise as MINDSCAPE. Our experts provide a thorough assessment of your website through our key disciplines: strategy, content, design, and development.

Keyword Research 

What terms does your current site rank for, and how high — or how low — do you fall in those search results?  We use powerful online tools to audit and evaluate your site and even offer insight into how you perform relative to similar sites.  

Buyer Personas

Understanding your customers is key to building an effective website. We clearly define your ideal customer: their pain points and challenges, the search terms they use, and what content topics they care about most. 

Areas of Opportunity

What are your best opportunities for improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic and for converting strangers into loyal customers? Our Areas of Opportunity spell them out, along with the metrics used to measure our progress.

User Paths

User paths map out how visitors find and engage with the content that matters most to them. We’ll define paths to the pages that we want your prospects to visit, and the content they should read, watch, or download.

Site Architecture

Whether your site consists of one page or one thousand (this site, for example, contains roughly six hundred pages), they need to be organized in a meaningful way. We’ll identify which pages should stay, which should go, and which pages are most important to acquiring, converting, and retaining customers.


One of the most important aspects of a website ‚ and one that is often implemented improperly — is how users will navigate it. We provide guidance on all of it, from primary navigation to utility menus, to tools for searching, sorting,and filtering content, 

Content Mapping

While Design and Development are important to the performance of your website, content is fuels its growth. We’ll map out what content is needed to attract more and better traffic, which content will help them choose your brand over your competition, and which content is needed to build and strengthen these new customer relationships.

120-day  tactical plan

When we push the new site live (which is almost never on a Friday), you’re not finished. You’re just getting started. The final component of the Digital Growth Plan is a series of tactics to drive and convert traffic for the next four months. From paid search to nurture emails, you’ll know exactly what to do next.

FREE website assessment

Our comprehensive website assessment provides insight into the aspects of your website that might need improvement, including user experience (UX) search engine, optimization, and content analysis. 

Rethink your website and digital marketing for more traffic, more sales, and more results with a Digital Growth Plan from MINDSCAPE

“We have worked with Mindscape for over 8 years and they have been really responsive to the needs of our organization.”

Brandon Eisentrager​, Executive Director, Jandernoa Entrepreneurial Mentoring