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Paid Search Ads

93% of purchase decisions begin with a visit to a search engine, so Search Engine Marketing plays a vital role in your digital marketing. But it’s also complicated and leads to questions like “What keywords should I use or avoid?” and “Are we paying too much?” (Short answer: probably.) If you’re doing Search Engine Marketing but know that you could be doing it better, you should talk to MINDSCAPE.

Paid Social Ads

Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook have millions (or billions) of daily users, but their real power isn’t how big their audience is; it’s how SMALL you can make it through effective targeting. If you want to decrease the cost  and improve the efficiency of your paid social efforts, MINDSCAPE can help. 

Digital Display Ads

Banner ads get a bad rap. The ubiquitous banner ad (also known as digital display) is an excellent tool for building brand awareness in a way that’s both measurable and cost-effective. Digital Display can even improve the conversion rates for your other channels. If you want to get more from your banner ads, reach out to MINDSCAPE. 

Retargeting Ads

We love the efficiency of a retargeting campaign: you’re only advertising to visitors who have already expressed interest in your brand by visiting your landing page, website, or even your physical locations. If you want a retargeting campaign that drives conversions without being creepy,  we can help. 

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Paid Digital Resources and Information

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“I have only great things to tell you about Mindscape. We started with them in 2006 and quickly became the #1 retailer in our segment with a very high percentage of it being because of their direction and support. I can tell you for a few years I went elsewhere because of the cost and realized you truly get what you’re paying for in digital. I can say they are a little higher than others as far as costs go but a Premium company and it’s well worth the difference.”