UPDATE: Our workshops are now FREE and will be hosted on Linkedin as Live Events!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? We’re excited to announce two exclusive HubSpot workshops designed to supercharge your business operations and marketing efforts.

Hands-On HubSpot Training for Less

We understand that the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why our workshops are not just lectures, but hands-on training sessions where you’ll actively learn and build in HubSpot. Plus, our workshops are now totally free!.

Workshop 1: Creating a Review Solicitation Campaign in HubSpot

Join us on July 20th, 2023, at 2:00 PM ET on Linkedin for an interactive session on mastering review solicitation campaigns in HubSpot. This workshop isn’t just about theory; you’ll be diving in and getting your hands dirty. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up an NPS survey, tailoring emails to respondents, and automating campaigns for those who give high satisfaction scores. Plus, we’ll show you how to leverage your Google My Business Review Link and set up a Facebook Review Link. By the end of the workshop, you won’t just have new knowledge; you’ll have a fully functional review solicitation campaign ready to boost your business’s online reputation.

Workshop 2: Supercharging Your Sales Efforts in HubSpot

The second workshop, “Supercharging Your Sales Efforts in HubSpot,” will take place on August 3rd, 2023, at 2:00 PM ET via Linkedin. This workshop is all about boosting your sales efforts. Together, we’ll set up inbound and outbound call tracking, sales sequences, and automated lead assignment. You’ll also gain insights into lead routing logic and the Meetings Feature in HubSpot. This workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to streamline your sales process and increase efficiency.

Pricing: Our Workshops are now free!

We were originally offering these workshops for $250 each – a fraction of our normal training costs. But we’ve decided to take things even further by making these workshops completely free. Think of it as our gift to you and the rest of our community!

Ready to get started?

If you’re interested in attending one of our workshops, you can let us know you’re attending by clicking the appropriate link below.